Kayden - Papa Seahorse

With their dedication to sharing knowledge, Kayden Coleman has educated and inspired countless people. They have published widely and are a popular speaker at events and conferences all over the world. They pride themselves on their level of teaching as well as their research.


Kayden believes that lived experience is the best teacher in regards to transgender rights and advocacy. Because of this, his teachings are inspired by his own story and experiences as a black transgender man who has carried 2 children.


Kayden uses a very unique and personable approach to keep his students engaged and constantly changing the way they think and view trans related topics/allyship.


Get in touch to find out more about this his work as a Transgender Advocate and Educator.

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My Story

My name is Kayden Coleman. I am a black, gay transgender man and Papa Seahorse. Why "Seahorse", you ask? Because the seahorse is the species in nature in which the male seahorse carries the children! Yes - you read that correctly... I am a man who has carried not one, but TWO children of my own. I am the proud dad of two beautiful daughters - Azaelia Skye (7) and Jurnee Sole (10 months). 

I first gained public attention in 2015 when my birth story was published in the Daily Mail, a UK based newspaper. The article (viewed here) was shared over 14,000 times and was then published by a number of prominent new outlets such as Yahoo!, USA Today, etc. The article was also shared by many celebrities such as Keyshia Cole. 

I was then featured on the tv show The Doctors January 22, 2016 - seen here), along with Inside Edition.  I also appeared on my then local news station Fox29 in Philadelphia, PA. 

On February 10, 2016, I gave a speech at Old Dominion University as a part of their celebration of Black History Month. And in November of 2016, I was a featured Keynote Speaker at the Transgender Wellness Conference by Pride Center of WNY in Buffalo, NY. 

From there, I went on to start a mentorship program for transgender men as well as a body positivity campaign called Loving My Trans* Body - highlighting the variety of trans* bodies that exist outside of the cliche cisgender, heterosexual normative (fat, fem, disabled, etc). 

In 2020, just 2 days after giving birth to my daughter Jurnee (a month early via c-section), I started receiving notifications and messages of hate. Angela Stanton, who was a political figure located in Georgia took my images and videos of my from my social media and used them to launch a hate campaign against transgender individuals. Details of her attack can be found here. Her hate-mongering lit a fire in me to really delve into educating as many people as I could. It was at that time that Seahorse Education Services was born. 

My mission is to educate birth workers and medical workers on trans-related issues, with a focus on birthing trans masculine individuals. I also provide sensitivity trainings and competency trainings to organization to promote not only inclusivity but equity for trans individuals. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.